Getting my schedule concreted out

Tba: So once again I have been going through the paces of the weekly instance grind. This week was a nice week for gruul’s as we downed both Mulgar and gruul after some trouble on the mulgar pull we have it set up much better now. This week my shoulder token did drop but I lost the roll. Gruul also dropped the pants token but I’m not sure its better then my current pants but once again I lost the roll. On Wednesday I got some great healy loots from the Wasted Knights kara and even got a chance to heal through part of kara (now I have done all three roles in kara on one character). Once again though my helm didn’t drop. Well they weekend is coming up hopefully I will get another chance at shoulders from Gruul’s.  I also got my ultra awesome Belt of natural power which is the best tanking belt in the game currently. I gemmed it up but I’m still not sure of my choices I will see if I can get some more input.

Dui: had alot of fun doing arena this week. I switched my spec to affliction destro and so far I am enjoying it. I still think I may need to do a partial re-spec to drop some talents after talking to some other warlocks. We did well at six wins one loss hopefully we can keep this up and I will have lots of sexy arena loots soon.


Raids are up and running

Finally I have gotten Tba on the 25man bandwagon. Doing wasted daze SSC on Tuesdays and ILL MGM on Sunday. So far it has been looking good as on our 2nd night my SSC raid has downed Lurker. And my MGM is getting shots in at Gruul. So far loot wise I had a snafu with loot. After quickly looking at my druid stats mod it seemed like these new boots were an upgrade. But after consulting with both emmeralds list and Rawr it seems that they are not. oh well only 10 WDP down the drain. Other then that I finally picked up my bands of the swift paw badge reward bracers. Very nice and at this point I think I have all the gear I need as a tank from the current badge rewards. The next question is whether it is worthwhile to get some of the pieces that are cat upgrades for me. I am also looking into re-geming alot of the gear that she has along with starting the rep grind for the flasks that can be bought in Shatt.

Dui hasn’t been doing really much of anything. Little pvp ah and I got to finally do some 5’s with ILL’s arena group.

Whö finally hit 40 (yay duel wield) um other then that nothing particular special.

In personal news had fun this weekend chilling with K. Got to go see 2 movies Jumper and Juno. Personally I like the ideas and some of the fight scenes in jumper but the plot left alot to be desired. On the other hand I enjoyed Juno immensely but I don’t think its a movie that I could watch again without getting bored. Also had fun having breakfast with Vegas/dana Daniel/Keshia and me/K. I still can’t believe how bad they messed up our orders but hey we got lots of free food so I’m not complaining.

Intro to SSC

Well I guess it isn’t quite a intro as I ran with the Nubian Institute the other week but I was actually a MT and it was pretty cool. I had alot of fun and we downed Hydross after only 3 wipes. We then cleared all the trash without incident and attempted lurker. After about 3 tries at lurker hitting our end time the raid was called.

Tonight I will be MT redbear’s kara and it should be fun. Hopefully we have a good group and can just mash through the instance as I really want to start stacking up some badges and see if we can hit up prince on one night.

Dui now has his S2 shoulders and they are pretty awesome. I do need to gem them so I will have to see if I can get in some dailies before trying some PVP then heading to tank kara.

Who is being neglected this week so far but hopefully I will get some time to play her on thursday as it seems that I don’t have anything scheduled then.

My wow week

Tba: This week not to much went on. Much to my disappointment I missed out on redbear’s kara run which left earlier this week on Wednesday. I have since talked with him and I will be their static MT going on from this Wednesday on. Hopfully I can maybe find a clean up kara today before the server reset tomorrow. This is also the week that my new SSC run is supposed to be going out. Along with krybo’s new MGM run.

Dui: This week I finally got my Vindicator’s Dreadweave Belt earlier today after getting 10k honor from speedyg’s AV honor train Saturday. This along with getting my Merciless Gladiator’s Dreadweave Mantle on Tuesday means my PVP set is finally starting to fill in and I will have dropped the 2 greens I was still sporting. I have to thank bareskin(Jeremy) for helping me out get my last little bit of honor on Sunday so I had enough honor to grab the belt. From here on in I can start filling out my gear with the honor necklace and rings along with getting some S3 pieces that dont have a rating requirement. Most likely I will aim for the Vengeful Gladiator’s Dreadweave Hood first along with the Vindicator’s Pendant of Dominance.

Whö: I have finally gotten around to leveling my shammy again. After the switch from Elemental to Enhancement I have been getting along much better. It also helps me shorten my down time between fights. I just bought a BOP epic last night (silly I know) but it was a very cool Flurry Axe and was cheap considering. I can’t use it till 42 but it should probably last me until Hellfire Peninsula. I also started using Tour guide a very awesome mod that helps with questing acting as a guide. I have run into a snag using it as I jumped in part of the way through and so I missed out on some quests it expected me to have done, but I am still enjoying its help.

Also Bareskin is finally getting serious about PVP and is starting some daily Org BG’s on Dark Iron. So far as of last night he is undefeated and will hopefully continue his winning streak. GL man and hopefully you can get into KFR as they are a cool guild and it will be nice having you in PAA.

Blogging Ideas

Ok so I have decided to start blogging. The question is what am I going to blog about?

Possible topics include:

World Of Warcraft

My co-op at Thomosn West

My random Internet browsing

Welcome to the blogging fold : )

Hmm I guess its welcome to the blogging world for me. I have put off doing anything on a blog for awhile, but I have finally given in and will start with this post!